Our small but perfectly formed range of premium wines are reasonably priced but more importantly - they taste great! The vineyard is hand pruned and our grapes picked by hand. Breezes from the ocean just a couple of kms away keep the vines cool in summer and allow a long slow ripening. 
The following are our current releases.
Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot    $18
A light refreshing bubbly, perfect for any occasion - weddings, parties or just a catch up with friends.
2016 Sauvingnon Blanc            $20
A clean, crisp, delicate Sav Blanc. Great with seafood, we often enjoy a bottle with fish and chips at Normanville beach.
2016 Rose                                  $20
This dry, salmon coloured Rose is a Merlot/Tempranillo blend. We like it as an apperitif or on its own on a warm summer afternoon.
2013 Pinot Noir                          $22
Our Pinot is a lighter red wine, perfect with chicken or pork dishes. It can also be slightly chilled in the summer.
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon        $22
This Cabernet is a medium bodied wine that exhibits fruit and complexity. We think this pairs well with pasta dishes or steak.
2014 Shiraz                                $22
A traditional, full bodied, fruity Shiraz. It is a great match with lamb or pizza. 
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